Christmas Cleaning Tips, with less than a month to go!

Christmas Mood Board
Christmas Mood Board

With less than a month to go until Christmas, we’re sure you’re scrambling around looking for the best gifts, baking, socialising and organising a family holiday. But unfortunately, you’re still going to have to find time to make sure your home is neat and tidy to welcome guests when they come to celebrate the big day. Whether it’s cleaning the toilet or scrubbing your floors, these things will just have to be added to your long to-do list. But we want to help and make things a little easier, so we’ve put together a holiday cleaning checklist to help you remember key parts that should be tended to…

1. First and foremost, write a list of ‘to do’ jobs and pop it up on the fridge so you can tick them off one by one.  Instead of it all going around and around in your head and completely stressing you out.  Help keep calm with Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Body Oil, Lavender Sandalwood Body Moisturiser or Moor Lavender Bath Essence.

2. Check to make sure you have enough plates, cutlery and glasses and give them all a good clean in the run up to Christmas. Especially all your glasses that will need to be sparkling clean on the day.

3. If you have silver cutlery, that’s going to be another job for the ‘to do’ list. But ah ha, we have a top tip for that job…

Water/baking soda/aluminium foil: Place silver cutlery in a baking dish lined with foil. Liberally sprinkle baking soda over the pieces. Pour boiling water over top and allow it to soak for about 15 minutes. The tarnish will magically appear on the foil rather than the silver.

4. Make sure your Entry is spotless for welcoming guests and if any gardening needs to be done leading to your door also. If your guests are mainly in the Dining Room, then ensure that’s your spotless place.  Kids bedroom doors can always be closed if need be!

5. Thinking of kids it’s a great time to explain there are other children not as fortunate as them and it’s end of year tidy time and give to charity.

6. Defrost the freezer and clean the fridge out.  If it’s a bit smelly place some baking soda on a place to neutralise odours.

7. Tidy the pantry cupboards.

8. Give your oven a thorough clean.

9. Ensure you have enough wrapping paper and tape.

10. We like nature’s aromatics to create ambience so on the Day we reach for Dr. Hauschka Bath Care Kit, read here…

11. Day before job is Bathroom and loo. Clean, fresh smelling towels, including a hand towel for guests with Sodasan or Sonett Hand Wash handy.

Tip: If your towels aren’t smelling as they ought, soak in baking soda and water then wash with Sonett Laundry Liquid Lavender.

12. Make sure you’re up to date on washing, if not find somewhere to hide it!

13. Above all, enjoy the day!

Thanks for reading our blog. x

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