Is Your Shampoo Killing Young Coral Reefs?

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.20.43 pm
A stunning coral formation that has been naturally formed into the shape of a heart, Great Barrier Reef, off Whitsunday Islands.

New research has shown that Benzophenone-2, a chemical commonly used in shampoos, sunscreens and detergents, could be harming the future of the world’s coral reefs.

How Benzophenone-2 affects baby corals

The study, carried out by researchers at the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory in Virigina, looked at what happened when baby coral reefs were exposed to levels of Benzophenone-2 that are found in our seas.

The coral reefs suffered DNA damage, bleaching and increased rates of death.

The lead researcher said: “What’s worrying is if this chemical harms young coral, we won’t get coral recruitment around the world.

“This will create coral zombies – coral where there’s adults but no recruited young, so the reef will eventually go away.”

How we can help to reduce Benzophenone-2 levels

It is thought that waste water is a big part of the reason that Benzophenone-2 ends up in our seas.

When we have a bath, shower or even wash our hands using toiletries that contain Benzophenone-2, the contaminated water doesn’t just disappear – it can wash through into our seas and rivers.

By switching to natural and organic toiletries that are free from Benzophenone-2, as well as other chemicals like Triclosan, we can help to reduce our personal impact on the environment.

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